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Seamark Climate Solutions
Seamark Climate Solutions specializes in designing, installing and maintaining systems to regulate the climate in your environment. Whether it’s cooling, heating or ventilating we have the tools and knowledge for the job. Our experienced engineers will help you solve any malfunction and maintain the equipment. We highly value sustainability, our installations and organisation meet the highest environmental demands.

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Airconditioning & Heat Pumps

Whether you are looking for a comfortable climate in your residence or business environment, every situation is unique. Following this concept, our employees will first evaluate the desired result with you. Hereafter we will select a system with the right price quality ratio. Of course you can count on a quality product with several years warranty. Seamark will then make sure of a quick and skilled delivery of your installation. If desired we can take care of the maintenance of your system after it is installed.

Seamark puts great value in quality, sustainability and security. Our employees are all security certified and licensed to work on systems using refrigerant. Our organisation meets the highest standards, resulting in our F-gas certification.

A split system exists out of one or more internal units and an outside unit, which are connected by cooling pipes. The condensation drain (dehumidification) is permanently laid out. This conventional system can be applied to a variety of different situations. Permanently installed air conditioning systems produce less sound than mobile air conditioning  systems.

A VRV or VRF enables the separate cooling and heating of multiple spaces using one external unit. These types of systems have been in circulation since 1987 and have gone through a process of ongoing innovation and improvements in sustainability.

Heat pump is a technologically advanced system adjusted to make use of renewable energy sources. Its advantage is the ability to recover heat from the air, groundwater, soil or in you immediate environment. There are three basic versions of heat pumps according to the medium (environment) being cooled and the medium being heated: water/water, brine/water and water/air. When designating the type of heat pump, the sources from which the heat is taken away is indicated first, followed by the medium being heated.


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